The Carry On films return…….

.......he didn't realise she was talking about her husband, Topov.......

Much like pantomimes Carry On films were typically British with their innuendo and double entredre and its appears we may be seeing the Carry On films return if what film producer Brian Baker says is anything to go by. Now we’ve heard this all before over the past twenty years and funding has always been a problem for any film but Baker is aiming to release a range of merchandise based on the classic British “Carry On” comedy films with the idea behind it that this will somehow raise enough money to revive the comedy film franchise.

The last film in the franchise was Carry on Columbus back in 1992 with the series having started way back in 1958 with Carry on Constable. In that 34 years there were 31 films, 4  Christmas specials, a TV series and three West End plays and all featured a regular group of actors playing different roles in different settings in each film. Regulars in the series included Dame Barbara Windsor, Kenneth Williams, Sid James,  Joan Sims, and Leslie Phillips.

Carry On Films return

What remained a constant in all the films was the lewd, low-brow humor, with nothing really out of bounds with some gags tat have gone down in history notably the Carry on Cleo gag with Kenneth Williams as Caesar wailing, ‘Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!

Brian explained: “We’ll be bringing together a new team of actors with their own idiosyncrasies and personalities for the films. They will be adapted to bring it up to modern times. We’ll have to be a bit more politically correct today.”

An ITV Studios spokesperson said: “The Carry On trademark is associated with the classic Carry On films which ITV will continue to distribute. ITV has already provided Mr Baker with a licence to use the Carry On trademark for his new films. This was provided in 2016. We know the British public love Carry On and we welcome working with anyone interested in keeping this much-loved brand alive.”

The Carry on films return? We’ll see.


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