Christopher Nolan’s new film……..

......the crew did not tell him they'd put shoe polish around the viewfinder.....

Further to our recent news about Brian Cox playing Winston Churchill in another production Christopher Nolan’s next feature,’Dunkirk’, begins principal photography this week. He’s got a great cast which includes  two of his regular’s Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy as well as Oscar winner Mark Rylance  and actor/director Kenneth Branagh. Perhaps most bizarre is the brave/foolish casting of Harry Styles, he of the pop beat boyband combo, 1 Direction. (more like No Direction – Ed). Hopefully he’ll be able to curtail any urge to burst into song at inopportune moments and will have had time to stop off at the barber’s before he arrives on set.

The film focuses on the famous Allied evacuation which took place from 27 May – 4 June 1940 where over 800 vessels were scrambled for the emergency codenamed ‘Operation Dynamo’. Nicknamed the ‘little ships of Dunkirk’, the rescue boats included just about anything that floated including fishing boats, pleasure craft and merchant marine boats and eventually 338,226 soldiers were rescued in just eight days.

It was what Churchill called  “a miracle of deliverance” in his iconic “We Shall Fight them on the Beaches” speech of 4 June 1940.

As well as directing Nolan has also written the screenplay for the film too which is set for release on 21st July in the US & UK next year.


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