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Craig Fairbrass talks Rise of the FootSoldier……


Actor Craig Fairbrass has an extensive career that has taken in everything from soap operas (Eastenders) to Hollywood blockbusters (Cliffhanger) but have settled back to living in old Blighty where he has carved a niche for himself in a number of roles most notably in the potty mouthed extreme violence of the Rise of the Footsoldier franchise. Now with the release of the fifth film (Rise of the FootSoldier : Origins – read our review HERE) where he plays the psychotically violent drug dealer Pat Tate and stars alongside that other hard man of the big screen Vinnie Jones.

Craig was kind enough to talk to us extensively about the film and his career explaining how reticent he was to return to the role and what finally persuaded him. We went on to talk about how they came up with often extremely violent scenes as well as what he would do in such a situation as well as the future of the Footsoldier franchise.

Have a look at what Craig Fairbrass had to say in an extremely entertaining chat we had with him and remember to subscribe to the AnyGoodFilms YouTube channel too……



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