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Dangerous Waters - A student heads into stormy waters...

Anyone that’s found themselves in a swimming pool with our dangerously incontinent Editor will know only too well that they are in dangerous waters (‘You’re fired!’ – Ed) But for Rose (Odeya Rush) it’s something different altogether in this maritime actioner. Raised by her mother Alma (Saffron Burrows) she grown close to her but is soothing of a sullen teenager when her mum’s new partner Derek (Eric Dane) invites them on board his yacht and sail for Bermuda on holiday jaunt that turns out to be about as good an idea as Peter Sutcliffe’s X Factor audition singing, ‘If I had a hammer’.

But Derek, a ’security consultant’, is not all he seems to be when Rose accidently finds assault rifle on board which he explains away as work related tool in much the same way as Boris Johnson explains away family packs of condoms to each successive wife. But Rise gets her chance to show how useful she is with such a weapon explaining it away with a throwaway line, ‘I watch a lot of action movies!’ Yes, it’s that type of film but it’s part of the gleeful charm that director and co-writer John Barr brings to Dangerous Waters when things quickly escalate as their yacht is boarded by a gang searching for a suitcase wanted by ‘the captain’ and it’ll soon became that it’s not Captain Birdseye.

Fighting for her own survival on the damaged yacht she gets to land where Derek’s duplicity is made apparent and from hereon is Rose’s transformation into ass kicking, bullet baiting bad ass begins culminating in her being taken captive on a ship / floating brothel of human traffic run by ‘The Captain’ played by Ray Liotta in what was his last film passing away during production. Rose the sullen teen is now Rose the ballistic badass and the third act sees her wreak her own vengeance on the Captain and his crew in a manner not dissimilar to Under Siege

Dangerous Waters is entertaining and deliriously daft and is firmly in the ‘Saturday night pizza and a six pack’ category but it’s a lot of fun and Odeya Rush at only 26 years of age is great in the role relishing every smack down and having had roles in Lady Bird and Goosebumps this is a radically different direction which she is wholly at ease.

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We chat to lead actress Odeya Rush about how she got to beat up so many guys plus working with Ray Liotta on his last film….

Here’s the Dangerous Waters trailer….

Dangerous Waters is available on digital download from 13th October 2023


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