Daniel O’Reilly talks Bermondsey Tales, stand up comedy and being cancelled!

Daniel O'Reilly talks Bermondsey Tales & stand up comedy!

Daniel O’Reilly came to audience attention as his alter ego Dapper Laughs, an early online prankster that landed a TV show before a controversial comment saw him cancelled years before ‘being cancelled’ was such a thing. Since then he has made quite a comeback and is back touring his Dapper Laughs character and is appearing in films starting with 2017’s ‘Fanged Up’ (reviewed HERE)

But his latest role is in a South Lindon crime family film Bermondsey Tales : Fall of the Roman Empire ; Fall of the Roman Empire – a gritty comedy-drama based on real events. that tells the story of crime family The Roman’s as infighting, coppers and rival firms put everything they have worked for at risk.

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We chat about how he made his way back, his stand up and his burgeoning acting career…….

Here’s our chat with Daniel O’Reilly …….


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