David Lynch : The Art Life – REVIEW

.......despite being 70 years old David refused to leave kindergarten school.......

With  the launch of David Lynch’s seminal TV series ‘Twin Peaks’ now with us it’s time to have a look at the man himself and this documentary by Jon Nguyen looks at the director in turn talking, smoking, playing with his 3 year old daughter and then at his Art. With Lynch having attended art college in Philadelphia having been shunted around the country due to his father’s  work it seemed that art was where his heart was really at until he made,  ‘Eraserhead’ a film that took him years to make and in part is extremely disturbing  viewing. If anything ‘Eraserhead’ gave a clue as to what his art what would be like because we see it here in all its unsettling glory as he goes about creating various pieces as he talks about the influence that his childhood and family had on his Art.

If there’s an anecdote that sets the tone of his work it’s when he recalls as a child sitting in a hole in a puddle of mud so it’s no surprise that his art is as ‘challenging’ as it is. And that’s part of the issue here because many of his films are undeniably brilliant whether it be The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, or Wild at Heart they all give a hint of his dark sensibilities but whether his art would have the same impact if he hadn’t made his name as a film director is debatable because there is something rather juvenile about the images in his art work and the presumed intention to shock.

What does come over is his sincerity and love for his 3 year old daughter as he goes about creating the works of art in his studio.  Many will find this insight into his art work interesting but for many it’s always going to be his films and this documentary never strays into that area leaving you instead to listen to the stories of his youth which had an influence on his early films especially. It will be a disappointment to many that his films are never touched on which is a shame because his films are undoubtedly more compelling than his art work which are as singular as he is.

Here’s the trailer…….


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