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All kudos to Warners for running a pretty fab DC FanDome this weekend with exclusives  and trailers galore of their superhero films. We already run The Batman trailer HERE but here’s a round of their other superhero films from Warners…….

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  • The “Shazam” sequel has a title – “Shazam: Fury of the Gods”. That sequel will also see Sinbad joining the cast while Adam Brody will also reprise his role as the Shazam-ified version of Jack Dylan Grazer’s character.
  • Next at the DC FanDome Director James Wan says the “Aquaman” sequel will be “a little bit more serious. A little bit more relevant to the world that we’re living in today.” It will also see the return of Patrick Wilson as Ocean Master. No news on whether Amber Heard will be in it though….
  • Dwayne Johnson was bigging up the “Black Adam” movie alongside the internet’s boyfriend and future He-Man star Noah Centineo. Centineo talked up his training regime for his role as Atom Smasher in the film, a character that can grow to the size of the Eiffel Tower. He is one of several Justice Society of America characters to feature in the film with Hawkman, Doctor Fate and Cyclone also confirmed to be getting their live-action incarnations.
  • One of the most anticipated trailers at the DC FanDome was for the Justice League SnyderCut which we revealed details HERE. Snyder officially confirmed the layout of this version will be a four hour mini-series of four one-hour episodes each, as well as an eventual four-hour single film version. In addition, they are working on a distribution plan to bring the work to audiences worldwide. Snyder (introducing Batman v Superman premiere HERE)says Cyborg will get much more screentime as he “is the heart of the movie. He’s the thing that holds the team together in the end. I’m excited for fans to see how that’s realised on camera.” After all the controversy the actor ray Fisher raised HERE we’ll be keen to see how much more there is of him in the film. The Flash also gets “tons” more time as we see more of his emotional arc, and “you’re going to see something with Flash in this film that I don’t think you’ve ever seen… he’s a quantum character, so you might see him do something…”

We were really looking forward to James Gunn and his panel of stars from The Suicide Squad for his reboot / remake / whatever and it was introduced with a character roll with some really interesting names we didn’t expect to see……

After that cast intro we got a behind the scenes look and this new film looks far far bigger than the first film with what looks like a war film with bonkers superheroes. We can’t wait for the first trailer…..


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