Deadpool & Wolverine – TRAILER

Deadpool & Wolverine trailer - together for the first time on film!

Deadpool 3 has been much anticipated and with spoiler photos leaked everywhere it was impossible to keep it under wraps that Hugh Jackman was returning to his role as Wolverine and is probably why the film, rather than being titled Deadpool 3, is titled Deadpool & Wolverine. So here is  the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer.

The simple synopsis for the film is ‘Will the irresponsible hero Deadpool will change the history of the MCU with Wolverine!?’ and the trailer certainly makes that clear with the franchises usual irreverent humour and fourth wall breaks

Deadpool & Wolverine hits cinemas on 26th July 2024

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Here’s the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer…..


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