Destination Dewsbury – TRAILER


The Destination Dewsbury trailer is a new feature film made by Jack Spring. So who is he? Well at 21 he is Britain’s youngest feature film director. Jack’s story of how he came to finance the film is quite extraordinary.  He dropped out from university after becoming disillusioned with his ‘Film & TV’ course and started ‘Hello Hot Tubs’ and maxed out his student overdraft getting first hot tub. The company did well so Jack and his team were able to go back to investors a year later, eventually raising the money 18 months after starting. Jack made the movie aged 19 at a budget of £150k. His next one is being made at the end of the year, at a budget of £400k.  And he has a seven-figure budget film in development with a major studio. Jack is a rising star, of that there is no doubt, and more information can be sent across with a truckload of more unbelievable stories.

destination dewsbury trailer

So what is the Destination Dewsbury trailer all about?

Back in the 80s, five inseparable friends cause ruckus in their schooldays. Twenty years on and they’ve got jobs they don’t want, and wives who don’t want them. The leader of the gang, Frankie, is now dying in Yorkshire. The others find out and get together for one last sad, mad, bad road trip to Dewsbury, before it’s all too late. Rude but loveable British comedy at its finest.

Made on a small budget, director and co-writer Jack Spring sees the film as, ”a middle-aged version of The Inbetweeners. It’s got real heart and strikes a comedic and emotional chord with a huge spectrum of people; it’s a proper laugh-out-loud comedy that touches the heart”……well let’s hope so!

Destination Dewsbury is released in the UK on 1st March 2019

Here’s the Destination Dewsbury trailer……


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