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We’re big fans of fashion and we’re given plenty of opportunity to see an array of styles at the premieres we’re fortunate enough to be invited where, for reasons unknown, there is an increasing number of influencers attending too. We say ‘influencers’ but we’re pretty sure its shorthand for ‘unemployable’ nonetheless these chancers turn up wearing the most bizarre clothes combos looking like they got dressed in a hurry in the dark at a fancy dress costumiers. Not so much Fashion Reimagined more a case of Fashion Regurgitated to often catastrophic effect ..….but we digress.

Fashion Reimagined is a documentary from US film makers Becky Hutner that begins back in 2017 with designer Amy Powney winning  the British Fashion Council and Vogue award for Emerging young designers and the £200,00 bursary that came with it. Powney’s label Mother of Pearl is a stylish label but Powney’s own back ground, having grown up with an environmental activist father inspired her to create a sustainable fashion brand.

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In an era of cheap disposable clothing it is a pointed reminder right from the start of the documentary that nearly every piece of clothing goes travels seven countries before it finds its way onto a hanger in a shop. The facts get far more horrifying with the level of pollution and unnecessary air miles being so huge that it has the international jetsetters Harry & Megan envious. There’s also the use of dangerous chemicals, devastating community impact and use of children that would even make Prince Andrew’s eyes water. …….frankly the list seems endless and most shocking is that if the fashion industry was a country it would be the world’s third biggest polluter behind China and the US and Powney determines to create a range of sustainable clothing in a bid to combat this. Fashion Reimagined tells that story and whether she succeeds.

Aided by her loyal and equally determined business sidekick Chloe Marks the pair scour the world to reduce the number of countries that a garment will travel through in its creation and it’s a real eye opener as at almost every turn there’s a barrier just as they seem to be getting somewhere. Very quickly you find yourself cheering them on and finding yourself as frustrated as Amy & Chloe when at every turn there’s seems to be something that stops them. It is little surprise that fashion and environmentalism seem to be impossible bedfellows ignored by all the major fashion houses and designers bar Katherine Hammett.

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The 2017 documentary ‘Westwood : Punk, Icon, Activist’ followed the career of the late Vivienne Westwood who purported be an environmental advocate for fashion industry but really it’s Powney who is the true activist and ultimately champion of the cause in fashion circles.  With contributions from a number of notable contributors  – although one is credited as a ‘wellbeing expert’– a bit like labelling Oliver Reed as ‘hedonism expert’  – It is Powney and especially Marks’ unrelenting optimism in pursuit of their ideal that is empowering. There’s a real David and Goliath fight going on here with the pair resolute in their determination that they will helm a 100% sustainable clothes range.

Fashion Reimagined is in turn provocative and uplifting in what is a superb and fascinating documentary.

Fashion designer Amy Powney & director Becky Hutner chat about the documentary, Fashion Reimagined….

Here’s the Fashion Reminagined trailer……


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