Fast XI news….

Fast XI news....

With a gargantuan budget of $340m the release of Fast X , a previous billion dollar box office breaking earner and yet this time ended up only making $704m effectively losing money after marketing is taken into account. Understandably what has been a reliable cash cow of Universal has seen the studio take a look the next film in the franchise with Fast XI news reaching us that the next and possibly last film, will go back to basics which suggests that the lunacy of Fast 9 that saw them go into space wont be happening again thankfully

What a lean and mean approach equates at is that firstly there will be a budget cap of $200m enforced by the studio/The globe hopping will stop and the plot will now be centred around a single major heist or race. Fast X ended on a cliffhanger for the characters notably Vin Diesel’s whose last film this will be with the studio quashing rumours of a twelth film. There is also a rumour suggesting that Jason Momoa as the vengeful Dante may not be returning too

At present the film is still targeting an April 4th 2025 release which means that shooting needs to begin soon to hit that deadline.

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