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Felix and the Hidden Treasure – REVIEW


So whilst we wait for the next Pixar films to release whatever their next likely Oscar winner will be it gives the other animation studios a chance and first up is Felix and the Hidden Treasure. Felix is a 12 year old living with his mum and baby brother but without their father who disappeared at sea two years previously but Felix still believes he is still alive. So when his mum goes off on a cruise leaving the baby and Felix with his aunt to babysit. It gives him the chance to embroil retired fisherman and now lighthouse keeper Old Tom along with Rover, a cat who thinks it’s a dog and Squawk, a thieving parrot in his quest to find his lost Dad. Felix quest takes them  to DarkShadow island, a mysterious lump of land in the middle of the ocean where a secret society hide out led by the megalomaniac Morgaa who jealously guards  a priceless treasure.

Perhaps the biggest mystery in Felix and the Hidden Treasure is though his father disappeared from their fishing village two years previously Felix somehow has a six month old baby brother which suggests that Old Tom is not the only seaman that his mum is familiar with (‘You’re fired!’ – Ed). There follows the expected slapstick with dopey bad guys and henchmen and Morgaa gets her comeuppance in an unexpected way that is more in keeping with Ursula Andress in the 1965 camp classic, ‘She’. And of course there’s the animals who are there to provide some laughs as Felix goes about his ceaseless search to finally find out what actually happened to his Dad.

Though it is not in the same league as Pixar it’s nicely animated and there’s plenty that younger children will love.

Here’s Felix and the Hidden Treasure trailer……..



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