The Front Runner – TRAILER

.......having walked past all the photographers he suddenly realized his trouser zipper was wide open.........

The Front Runner trailer is not about Usain Bolt but actually takes us back thirty years to the 1988 presidential election where the Democrat candidate was Senator Gary Hart. Played here by Hugh Jackman, whose last film, The Greatest Showman, exceeded expecatations making $434m.  The Front Runner trailer appears to be a dark yet comic biopic that chronicles the rise and fall of Hart.

Do what was it exactly that bought about Hart’s  downfall who in 1988 was the seemingly untouchable front runner. That was until accusations of an extramarital affair completely derailed his campaign. The whiff of a rumoured affair now sees oddly quaint with the bequiffed current comedy comb over resident of the Whitehouse paying off porn stars and playboy centrefolds yet denying all accusations The Front Runner trailer goes back to gentler and perhaps more moral times.

To head off the rumour Hart famously challenged the media to follow him around and see how boring his life was. All would have been fine if only the tabloid photographers didn’t catch him having an affair.

the front runner trailer

From The Front Runner trailer the film is based on Matt Bai’s 2014 novel “All the Truth Is Out,” and its publicity is pushing the story as being the moment when political journalism took on a tabloid mentality prompted by 24-hour news and the ratings that are generated by a sordid a sex scandal.

As Autumn approaches the possible award winners start to be released. Directed by Jason Reitman, whose film Tully was out earlier this year, The Front Runner trailer could be a possible Oscar contender for both him and Hugh Jackman.

Co Starring are Vera Farmiga (The Commuter), J.K. Simmons (Patriots Day), Kaitlyn Dever, Sara Paxton, Mamoudou Athie, Molly Ephraim, Josh Brener, and Mike Judge.

The film opens November 7th in the US and in the UK on 25th January 2019

Here’s the Front Runner trailer…..



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