Geostorm – trailer

.......the surfers quickly changed their mind about riding the waves here.......

Dean Devlin is the producing partner of director Roland Emmerich and he’s had his first attempt at directing himself with ‘Geostorm’ which after Independence Day, 2012, The Day after Tomorrow & Godzilla is going to be……yes you’ve guessed it…….a disaster.

This has had a fair few production problems as it was originally set for March 25, 2016 release but the studio, Warners, cancelled its release in favour of  Batman v Superman.  The release date shuffle continued when Warners its live-action animated film ‘Jungle Book: Origins’ to 2017 and gave its previous date October 21, 2016 to Geostorm only to change it yet again when the studio again moved back the film to release on January 13, 2017. But guess what its been moved back again to 20th October 2017.

It seems there have been some problems as its undergone extensive re-shoots ordered by uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who was brought in in a producer capacity at a very late stage. It’s rumoured that the two weeks of re-shoots were helmed by ” CSI ” alumnus Danny Cannon (who will now get a co-director credit) costing $15m and it looks they’ve thrown every natural weather condition into the mix.

Anyway here’s the trailer…….


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