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.......he was going to have to speak to the window cleaner again.....

We’ve had a couple of decent submarine thrillers, most recently the excellent French film, ‘The Wolf’s Call‘ and a couple of years ago we had the Gerard Butler starrer, ‘Hunter Killer‘ which was immensely enjoyable nonsense. Now we’ve got Tom Hanks getting in on the act with the Greyhound trailer.

The film is an adaptation of “Horatio Hornblower” author C. S. Forester’s WW2 naval thriller novel “The Good Shepherd” and the project is directed by Aaron Schneider who has not made a film in ten years with his last being the long forgotten  “Get Low”. What brings the Greyhound trailer to our attention is that not only does Tom Hanks star in it but he’s also written the adaptation too.

Hanks plays Ernest Krause, a USN commander who must protect an international convoy of 37 Allied ships from wolf packs of German U-boats as they cross the North Atlantic. At the same time Krause, commanding the titular Navy destroyer leading the fleet, battles his own self-doubts and personal demons.

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Greyhound has a great supporting cast with the always excellent Stephen Graham fresh off his success in The Irishman and the film also co-stars Elisabeth Shue and Karl Glusman. The Greyhound trailer looks pretty good to us. The realism of the ships at sea is due to some of the filming being done on board Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Montreal in the North Atlantic in January 2018 with a film crew of 9 with 10 cameras onboard. But yes it’s been two years since the film was shot and was intended for release in March 2019 but has been pushed back so as not to clash with Hanks other film, ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood’ which also had its release pushed back.

Greyhound is released in the US on June 12 and in the UK on 26th June …… but expect coronavirus to possibly change all that!

Here’s the Greyhound trailer…….


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