Hacksaw Ridge


Since Mel Gibson’s divorce over 10 years ago followed by a disastrous relationship with some young floozy further compounded by his drunken exploits  which resulted in some astonishingly bigoted rants his career has consequently nose dived with few studios wanting anything to do with him.

The last real big box office success was Signs in 2002 which was more to do with writer /director M Nigh Shyamalan who was still riding high of the back of The Sixth Sense at the time.  Since then Gibson’s acting roles have been in films that were less than stellar and really were ultimately reduced to little more than cameos in films where he could chew the scenary notably in Machete Kills and The Expendables 3.

He’s not directed a film since 2006’s Apocalypto and before that it was the graphic The Passion of the Christ which is still the highest grossing 18 certificate film. So with a lengthy lull in his career it seems he may now be having something of a comeback with the first film he’s directed in 10 years called, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ based on a true story which has been getting rave reviews when it premiered at the recent Toronto Film Festival. Starring Andrew Garfield who’s been released from his Spiderman duties permanently he stars as an army medic in the battle of Okinawa who refuses to carry a weapon and kill the enemy effectively becoming the first serving conscientious objector but who saved a whole load of his wounded platoon  during battle and ended up being awarded a medal of honour. The battle of Okinawa was an incredibly brutal theatre of war with tens of thousands being killed for little gain and those scenes are apparently as good, if not better, than anything seen in Saving Private Ryan and already there are murmurs that this could be a contender for Oscars in 2017 and if that is the case it would see a compete rehabilitation of Gibson in the eyes of Hollywood where he’s been something of a pariah for over a decade.

Hacksaw Ridge opens in the US on the 4th November – UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

Here’s the trailer:


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