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One of the best films of 1995’s was Michael Mann’s crime thriller heat that saw Al Pacino and Robert De Niro together for the first time. A firm fan favourite and one of Mann’s best films there has long been talk of a sequel by Mann until last years Heat novel was published to great acclaim and studios clambering for the rights. Well now there’s some Heat 2 news.

The novel sees the story continue both before and after the events of the original novel (think of The Godfather Part 2) and Mann has confirmed that he is now working on the script for a sequel having competed filming on his Ferrari film that will likely see it premiere at this years Venice film festival. That heat continues to have a huge fanbase still surprises Mann but also notable directors as fans too notably Christopher Nolan who even hosted a Q&A with Mann, Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino at Tribeca.

Al Pacino, despite now being 82 years old is completing negotiations to return to the role but its the val Kilmer role that is especially interesting. Kilmer as seen in Top Gun Maverick has been severely affected by the effects of throat cancer so quite whether he will return as Chris is unknown and probably unlikely but for the ‘before’ scenes of the the new film casting rumours imply that Austin Butler fresh off his star making turn in Elvis is being lined up for the role. Equally with Tom Sizemore having recently passed away its not known who might play his role in the ‘before’ scenes.

The Heat 2 novel has a huge range of characters, a whole load of subplots and a variety of settings that it becomes an even bigger epic than the original film. The novel follows Chris as he first tries to escape Los Angeles and ends up getting into trouble in Paraguay. The ‘before’ part of the novel goes to back to Chicago in 1988, where Pacino’s character Hanna investigates a series of horrific home invasions that are linked to De Niro’s character Neil McCauley & Chris again who are in the Windy City on a job of their own It also where Chris first meets and woos Charlene played by Ashley Judd in the film.

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