Helena Bonham Carter talks to us about One Life director James Hawes….

Helena Bonham Carter talks about One Life director James Hawes

With the release of true story ‘One Life’ we got to chat with Helena Bonham Carter about the film and specifically working with director James Hawes having previously worked with directors that including Tim Burton, Kenneth Branagh and Woody Allen.

You’ve worked with many different directors and genres that includes the Merchant Ivory films to people like David Fincher and McG. How does director James Hawes style compare?

Helena Bonham Carter: Every director is utterly their own constitution, their own make up and you get lots of different things with different people. Some are very good with the camera, they can be visual but not verbal which means they can’t communicate. For one James is two feet shorter than Fincher its sort of an invidious comparison. What James does, this is the second time I’ve worked with him, the first I did with him was a biopic of Enid Blyton which we shot in about 13 days which is one of the best parts that had been written, it was a great piece of writing. And this was again shot in about six weeks. He’s a bit like Winton himself an incredibly fast processor so that man does not flap, he keeps his calm and he is computing all the different parts that a film making process involves and he’s a lazer beam in his notes. He’s very visual and he’s unbelievably articulate. He’s the whole deal, he is remarkable and I knew we were going to be in safe hands ad he was going to steer it. You never know with a film. You get the luck to work with all these directors but even then even with the greatest you don’t know if it’s going to work with the best will in the world. We had a short hand me and James. We knew each other so we could be rude to each other. He knows he has to pull me back. He knows I always want to do way too much accent, I want way too much hair. I want to have a good time and he’s always good at telling me to restrain myself but he’s a really impressive person

Do you have a penchant for doing too much and having to be bought back down?

Helena Bonham Carter : It depends on the part. I mean Babette is an extrovert and I think also when you’re in a small part you overdo it because you’re trying too hard. A lot of it is circumstance of filming, all sorts of things, not all the time. I’m not always completely over the top but I suppose I pick parts that allow me to have fun. It’s all dressing up and  pretending (laughs)

Here’s James Hawes talking about the making of One Life and working with Sir Anthony Hopkins …..


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