How did Ade Edmondson get to appear in The Last Jedi…….?


Ade Edmondson is most associated with The Young Ones & Bottom with the late great Rik Mayall who had known and worked with each other since their student days. Both series had their fair share of slapstick none more so than ‘Bottom’ where Ade & Rik perpetrated all manner of comically atrocious violence on each other. So it was a surprise to everyone when he popped in ‘The Last Jedi’ as one of the commanders on the Empire’s destroyers.  So just how did he get the role? He explained to Graham Norton thus……

The reason I’m in it is that Rian (Johnson) is a fan of ‘Bottom’ and when he was a student he got a book of the scripts of Bottom before he got the videotape and with his friends he made an episode. He won’t send it to me. I’ve got to go to his house and watch it because he won’t have it go out into the public.’

Here Ade & Rik at their boisterous best……


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