How Laurence Fishburne saved Emilio Estevez life….


Film sets can be be dangerous places as the tragedy on ‘The Twilight Zone – the Movie’ proved when Vic Morrow and two children were killed during a particularly dangerous action scene. It instigated major changes in film set safety but before that happened there’s a story about how Laurence Fishburne saved Emilio Estevez life on the set of Apocalypse Now

Estevez was fourteen years old at the time and he was in the Philipines with his father Martin Sheen who played the lead along with Laurence who had a supporting role. Because Sheen had a young family part of the condition of his accepting roles was to have it written into his contracts that his family could stay with him if a film production was at a remote location for an extended period of time. That was certainly the case with ‘Apocalypse Now,” a notoriously problematic shoot for its director Francis Ford Coppola and his crew and amongst its many problems was Sheen himself having a heart attack.

“He says, ‘Hey there’s this little boat, let’s go out on it.’ I said, ‘Sure.’ We were both 14 at the time,” Estevez said of Fishburne. “So we were out on this boat together, and we started getting too close to the shore and I said, ‘Well, let me jump out, I’ll push us offshore. I jumped out, and it was like quicksand mud……..I was sinking, and I just saw Fishburne just looking at me going, ‘Grab my hand!’ and he pulled me back onto the boat,” Estevez continued. “We were bonded ever since.”

The story was recounted by Estevez on ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ and was the first time that his father Sheen had heard how Laurence Fishburne saved Emilio Estevez life and consequently contacted Laurence directly saying, “I called Mr. Fishburne to thank him for saving my son’s life,”.

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