James Gunn quashes Superman rumours


Filming began on the new Superman movie on 29th February 20204 and in terms of how much has been shot director James Gunn says “we’re probably only 18% or so through it”. yet despite only about a fifth of the film being shot the rumour mill is working overtime with various unfounded theories being spouted as fact with many suggesting that David Corenswet’s Kal-El will face a cloned evil version of himself. Well now James Gunn quashes Superman rumours that are doing the rounds saying on Threads,

“The primary protagonist of Superman is, shockingly, Superman. The main villain of Superman is, shockingly, Lex Luthor. I don’t know where all the stuff is coming from that it’s something other than this. There are so many stories coming out every day it’s difficult to deal with and everytime I strike something down I’m giving it attention. So, I’ll say again, don’t believe anything unless you see it HERE (& why would you want to know everything before the movie comes out anyway?)”

There will undoubtedly be more Superman rumours that he will squash before the film opens in July 2025

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