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Jason Bourne

.....he was going to hunt down the tattoo artist who had done this to his face......

It’s been 9 years since Matt Damon finished what many thought was going to be his last in the Bourne trilogy but now that directing supremo Paul Greengrass has agreed to come back they’ve teamed up and made a 4th film (or 5th if you include thee Damon free ‘Bourne Legacy’).

Called ‘Jason Bourne’ we think this is a cracking trailer and looks like there’ll be some great action scenes. As the original trilogy gave the Bond franchise a boot up the backside it’ll be interesting to how Paul Greengrass will up the ante in this one.

Its released in the US on 29th July and in the UK the day before.

The tagline for ‘Jason Bourne’ is – ‘You know his name’ – and presumably some marketing genius has come up with that and been paid a fortune. Probably the same genius who puts the warning, ‘may contain nuts’ on packets of peanuts.



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