Jason Statham IS ‘The Mechanic’…..again.

...to avoid confusion Jason Statham is the one on the left.....

With Jason Statham’s action film output being so prolific it’s no wonder that the more successful ones are now getting sequels. The Mechanic was an extremely loose remake of the Charles Bronson original and in fairness was a decent film which unusually for such a genre included a gay sub plot. Proving that the genre had no boundary or stereotypical audience the film went on to make $62m worldwide.

Inevitably then we have a sequel with The Stath and easy on the eye Jessica Alba and here’s a still from the film – not exactly inspiring but more will be released as we get closer to the Summer. We’re looking forward to Statham doing some Shakespeare , Ibsen or Pinter but there might be a bit of a wait for those….

‘The Mechanic:Resurecction’ opens in the US & UK on 26th August 2016.

Here’s a favourite clip of ours of Paul Bettany being bitchy about The Stath….


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