JFK Revisited : Through the Looking Glass- REVIEW


Some while ago we were involved in producing a show about conspiracy theorists take on the 9/11 tragedy during which they listed various theories to which we asked how, when so much evidence had been produced to indicate that it was a terrorist attack , they can reconcile it with any conspiracy theory to which the swivel eyed loon said, ‘ Oh, I see what’s going on here. You’re in on it as well!’ But these days when seemingly no major incident can happen without it attracting some type of conspiracy mania and it goes all the way back to 1963 when JFK  was assassinated and captured on Abraham Zapruder’s infamous Super 8 film. JFK Revisited is director Oliver Stone’s documentary follow up to his 1991 film – a film that had the then A –list star Kevin Costner uncovering multiple failings and cover ups during the Warren commission with it all came to a head in a climatic court room scene.  The film instigated the reopening of various sealed files though at the same time some of this files were opened up to the public also many more were sealed for further years.

JFK Revisited - Oliver Stone returns to what his 1991 film uncovered!

The ever dogged Stone continues his quest with his own work picking up where the Assassinations record Review Board that was instigated in the mid 1990’s. It is as thorough a documentary as might be expected and this version is a cut down version focussing on the most notable errors in the hours, months and years following the assassination.  And some of the failings are almost too incredible. Starting with the ‘magic bullet’ – a bullet that hit Kennedy and changed direction as it passed through his body before it exited JFK and entered the man sat in front of him. Understandable then that it should be at the centre of the conspiracy and that it was not found in the autopsy but instead was discovered on the trolley in a corridor. Even more remarkable that having caused several entry and exit wounds the bullet was improbably intact with no sign of damage.  It’s one of several aspects of the assassination that are examined in exhaustive detail by many  experts.

JFK revisited is a documentary effectively in two halves with Whoopi Goldberg narrating the first part and Donald Sutherland (who appeared as a shady agent in Stone’s 1991 film) narrates the latter half which looks at the motive for the assassination which is laid squarely at the feet of the CIA

It’s not without its problems though namely that there is so much in here that you want to pause it for a moment just to digest all the facts that are discussed built. Arguably the assassination of JFK is the granddaddy of all modern day conspiracy theories and that a US president was killed in such a manner seems incredible today when the current president is capable of self assassination merely by choking on a Werthers Original . But that  aside JFK Revisited is a remarkable and compelling experience.

Watch the JFK Revisited : Through the Looking Glass trailer HERE


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