John Wick directors next film is Highlander reboot …..


Stuntman turned director Chad Stahelski is hugely in demand and understandably so after the massive success of the John Wick franchise, the only franchise where each successive film had made more money than the previous film. Well news is now confirmed that his next film will be the Highlander reboot.

It’s a film he’s been talking about making since 2016 and even in 2020 he said, ‘“It’s just a tough nut to crack because the Highlander property is so involved and the mythology is so deep. But to try and make it our own, and be somewhat true to the original, yet do it in a way that makes it ours, is a little tricky. We don’t want to do a remake. We don’t want to do a reinvention. We want to do something that’s fresh, that utilizes the mythology of what everyone loves from the first movie.”

Well it seems that he and his writers have cracked it and henry Cavill is to lay the lead role that Christopher Lambert played in the original 1986 film alongside Sean Connery and Clancy Brown as immortals who must battle to collect more power.

Stahelski has been lobbying the Academy to have stunt work recognized at the Oscars and  has he has just seen his stunt team from John Wick 4 get a SAG Award nomination for best Stunt Ensemble. His argument has been that while there is a screenplay much of the film’s action scenes come together through location scouts and the stunt and fight choreography teams.

The John Wick films gets it first spin off with Ballerina with Ana de Armas playing an assassin trained in the traditions of the Ruska Roma that we should see in June and is directed by Die Hard 4’s Len Wiseman

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