Johnny English 4 news…..

Johnny English 4 news. - Rowan Atkinson's bumbling spy returns

Coming to the public’s attention in 1979 with seminal TV satire series Not the Nine O’Clock News  comic actor Rowan Atkinson is regarded as something of a comic genius with Blackadder and Mr Bean cementing that reputation. Moving in to film its his Johnny English character  inspired by a series of credit card ads that he appeared in saw a feature film of the spy appear in 2003 earning $177m enough to make a sequel in 2011 which earned $161m and finally 2018 saw a third film that made $158m. So with the continued success of the film franchise we now have some Johnny English 4 news…..

The comic actor is to reprise the role in a fourth film that will start filming in Malta in June 2024 that will see the film released in 2025. Details of the storyline are still under wraps but its thought that the plot will once again to see him on another international jet setting comedy caper. At present the supporting cast have not been announced but its believed that in keeping with the previous films there will be some big names making appearances. Universal are thought to be distributing the film once again. We only hope that his scriptwriter friend Richard Curtis who wrote Blackadder series, will be involved with the script. Further Johnny English 4 news as it comes i but w e should have full casting details shortly

Atkinson was last seen in Wonka and before that in the Netflix Tv series ‘Man v Bee’ which showed that at 69 years of age he’ still got it to do the physical comedy he so excels at.

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