Jungle – trailer

.......Daniel reminisced about the days he used to have his own trailer. Now he had to make do with a pile of rags......

Lithe, bandana bearing rock god turned ginger whinger pot bellied bellower Axl Rose once, sang, ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ but clearly had not visited the one featured in Daniel Radcliffe’s new film. Since Harry Potter. which grows ever a more distant memory with each film he makes, his latest role is in a true life horror film called, ‘Jungle’ directed by Greg McClean, who was behind the gruesome serial killer ‘Wolf Creek’ films.

Based on the novel by Yossi Ghinsberg, Daniel Radcliffe plays an eager beaver adventurer as he explores the Amazon jungle with two friends and a somewhat suspect guide. As might be expected the journey turns into a terrifying ordeal as each fights for survival against the deadliest threats in the jungle wilderness.

Here’s the trailer…….




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