....the barbeque had got a little out of hand....

Well we’ve barely started this years blockbusters but we’re already looking forward to next years with the new King Kong film set on Skull Island entitled…..urrr……. ‘KONG : SKULL ISLAND’.

So what do we know apart from it having a giant ape in it?

Michael Keaton and JK Simmons were to originally star but dropped out due to conflicting schedules with other films and John Reilly and Samuel L Jackson ( hardest working man in showbiz)  replace them .

Cast is led by Tom Hiddleston as a former SAS officer, and also stars Brie Larson, John Goodman and Toby Kebbell.

This has been budgeted at around $200m and is set to be released in the UK and US  on 10th March 2017.

One of the writers is also writing the Godzilla sequel, whilst another is involved in the Jurassic World sequel and Star Wars IX, whilst a third has written the new upcoming Power Rangers movie…….it all sounded so good until then.

Of most interest is the director Jordan Vogt Roberts whose previous work as a director includes a load of US TV episodes and the 2013 film ‘The Kings of Summer’ about 3 teenagers who decide a to build a hut in the woods and live wild. There’s little in his background that would suggest an enormously budgeted blockbuster is natural territory for him. Interestingly the UK’s own Jo Cornish was offered the gig but declined for unknown reasons.

Like Jurassic Park it’s been filmed in Hawaii but also with some scenes shot in Australia and even Vietnam

It’ll be set in the 70’s and actor Corey Hawkins has said that some of the characters will have ‘post-traumatic stress’ from the Vietnam war.

This will be a prequel to King Kong

It may possibly tie in with the Godzilla universe for a Godzilla Vs Kong film in 2020

Still too early for a trailer but here’s  a look behind the scenes:





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