Logan Lucky- trailer

........they were determined to find the giant mole that had made the tunnel.......

Director Steven Soderburgh swore off from making any further films after the excellent Liberace bio-pic ,’Behind the Candleabra’ (which should have got Michael Douglas an Oscar nomination but the film was released to TV in the US which prevented the film from being nominated).

But unsurprisingly he’s been unable to keep away and he returns with , ‘Logan Lucky’ after a four-year hiatus and it’s set for wide release in the US on 18 August. No UK release date has been set yet.

Like his Oceans 11 trilogy Logan Lucky is another thriller this time about two brothers who attempt a heist during a NASCAR race. It stars Daniel Craig (pictured), Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Riley Keough, Hilary Swank, Katie Holmes and Katherine Waterston. The most surprising piece of casting in the film is Seth MacFarlane the man behind Family Guy.

The big surprise here is Daniel Craig’s accent – it’s like nothing you’ve ever hear him do before and couldn’t be further removed from Bond.

Here’s the trailer……


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