Night Swim – REVIEW

Night Swim - when swimming pools attack!

Our Editor’s wife recently found herself involved in an accidental and unintentional night swim when her husband, our Editor, leaned over in the middle of the night to tell her that their water bed had burst only for her to tell him that they didn’t have a water bed and that he’d had too much to drink again (’You’re fired!’ – Ed). Mercifully the film is not that story but instead starts off in summer 1992 with a young girl woken in the middle of the night by her seriously ill and bed ridden younger brother whose toy boat is making a noise in their back yard swimming pool and she goes to rescue it for him. Tragedy unfolds and the film leaps forward to today where the Waller family headed up by Ray (Wyatt Russell) a professional baseball player whose career has come to a premature end with his developing the early stages of MS. Along with his wife Eve (Kerry Condon) daughter Izzy (Amelie Hoeferle) and Elliot (Gavin Warren) they go hunting for a new house and are taken with the house where, unknown to them, the 1992 tragedy occurred.

It’s the now unused swimming pool that has Ray sold on buying the house and all seems fine until they call in the pool repair man who is surprised to find that the pool has a natural water supply and then waxes lyrical about how we’re all evolved from water and hints at reptilian life forms that’s the biggest hint yet as to the pool’s shady history. And to that end we have a number of spooky set pieces, some better than others, that lead up to the family having a pool party in a bid to endear themselves with neighbours and make new friends for the kids. With the pool’s history and a number of previous scenes that suggest someone or something is up to no good that their pool party could only get worse if the guests had included Michael Barrymore.  As with all these ‘mysterious goings on’ horror films the third act expands on the what has happened and we get a back story and history that is daft not helped by some hokey dialogue – a personal favourite being ‘The water chose him!’

Coming from the horror powerhouse of James Wan’s own production company  Atomic Robot now having formed an allegiance with  Blumhouse this is a project from director  and co-writer Bryce McGuire who has expanded this from his short film to feature length and it holds the attention for all of it. Nicely  photographed it  captures the slight eeriness of an empty swimming pool at night lit solely by the underwater beam in the pools wall and there are decent performances from the four main leads. But Night Swim doesn’t really have the enjoyable lunacy of Wan’s last produced film M3GAN and isn’t quite as scary as you’d really like it to be.

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Here’s the Night Swim trailer….



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