Oasis documentary to be called…….

.....Noel had forgotten to bring his glasses with him.....

Now that Oasis are no more with Noel having bailed out reportedly due to the behaviour of his stroppy adolescent 43 year old brother Liam who himself can’t seem to keep his pants on having had a another child by another woman whilst married thus instigating his second divorce. In fairness though Liam was a pretty good frontman for a band andeven his brother Noel when asked who was the best frontman ever replied, ‘Liam Gallagher’.

Whether the band will ever get back together remains to be seen although when millions of pounds are inevitably offered it may well tempt at least one of them (probably the one with larger child support payments).

Anyway they do seem to have patched up their differences enough to help make a documentary about their halcyon days and its to be called, ‘Supersonic’ and has been put together by Asif Kapadia and producer James Gay Reese, the partnership behind hugely acclaimed Amy Winehouse documentary ‘Amy’. 

They’ve worked on the documentary alongside director Mat Whitecross, the man behind the camera on Stone Roses’ movie ‘Spike Island’ and ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll’, the Ian Dury biopic.

The documentary will chart Oasis’s from their origins in Manchester in 1991 right up until their acrimonious split in 2009, and filmmakers have had unprecedented access to band members and archive footage.

Liam Gallagher added: “Great to look at, great to drive and it will f***ing spin out of control every now and again when you go too fast. I loved every minute of it.”

‘Some might say’ audiences will be ‘mad for it’ – see what we did there? (‘Yes, Stop it’ – Ed). Neither brother seem to ‘look back in anger’ – (‘Enough’ -Ed) and the early in the day screening should give the Editor ‘Morning Glory’ (‘You’re fired’ – Ed).

Film will be out in October….and here’s a reminder of just what the 90’s were like when Britpop led by Oasis ruled…..


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