Pedro Almodovar’s, ‘JULIETA’

...please let my next film be a hit......

Writer/Director Pedro Almodóvar is one of Spain’s most celebrated filmmakers with numerous accolades to his name including an Academy Award®, four BAFTAs, numerous Goyas and over 100 further wins and nominations. His credits include Volver, The Skin I Live In, Broken Embraces and most recently I’m So Excited! His new film is premiering here at Cannes and having originally been called ‘Silence’ its been re-titled as ‘Julieta’ due to Martin Scorsese’s film, which should be out later this year, also having the same title.

Julieta is a teacher of fifty five. She writes a long letter to her daughter, Antía, trying to explain all the things she has kept secret from her over the last 30 years.  When she has finished her confession, she doesn’t know where to post the letter. Her daughter abandoned her when she was eighteen and Julieta hasn’t heard from her in the past twelve years. She has searched everywhere, but now realises that Antía has become a total stranger to her.

JULIETA is about destiny, guilt complex and the unfathomable mystery that leads some people to abandon those they love, erasing them as if they meant nothing.  It is also about the pain that this brutal desertion provokes in the victim……..well that’s what we’ve been told anyway.

It’s out in the UK 26th August 2016.

Here’s the trailer:


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