How the Predator’s visual effects were done…….

.......rather than get himself to hospital after falling through the roof the skydiver found himself distracted by the soft toys....

We’re the first to admit that our grasp of technology is at best, basic, highlighted by our Editor’s inability to open the office door until we pointed out that he had to push it rather than pull it (‘You’re fired!‘ – Ed). Recently released The Predator’s visual effects were provided by top effects house MPC led by VFX Supervisors Richard Little (The Shallows, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men tell no Tales) and Arundi Asregadoo (The Mummy, Ghost in the Shell, The Legend of Tarzan), creating 500 shots.


MPC’s artists also created photo realistic Predator One and digital double mercenary
characters for the film. 64 other assets were created, ranging from stones and sticks for
the swamp floor, to grenades, a grenade launcher and bombs.

MPC’s artists also worked on the scene where we first meet the Upgrade’s dogs who are
sent out to hunt the Predator. The sequence was shot on a blue screen stage and on
location. The Digital Environments team built a 360-degree baseball field matching the
location shoot, from reference photography. Creating simple geometry and re-projecting
the textures helped create a realistic environment.


Once the Upgrade tracks down the ‘fugitive’ Predator the fight begins. To create the scene
MPC used a mixture of the live action Predator, intercut with it’s full CG Predator. The
battle culminates with the Upgrade ripping the head and spine away from the body of the
Fugitive. This shot was big challenge for the FX and Tech Animation team who also added green Predator blood into the mix, amplifying the gore factor.In the Hunt Scene, our band of misfit heroes trap the Upgrade and set the ultimate hunter alight. This sequence was technically challenging for the Animation, Lighting and FX team who worked very closely to create a convincing Upgrade, appearing on fire.


For the final battle MPC Film’s digital environments artists created a full CG swamp where
the Upgrade’s ship crash-lands. The team was tasked with matching the set and creating a
360-degree CG set extension with FX water.

Despite The Predator’s visual effects being of such a high standard the film hasn’t performed as well as the studio had hoped with its $88m budget at time of writing only earning $101m worldwide. A reshoot of the third act and the casting of a sex offender which had to be edited out after Olivia Munn raised her concerns and limited press previews hardly helped so we’re betting that’s its unlikely that we’ll be seeing another one any time soon. With Disney having bought the studio regardless of how impressive the Predators visual effects are, an alien on earth horror/ action film is not really in keeping with their output.

Here’s the final trailer which shows a whole load more of The Predator’s visual effects…….


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