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Promising Young Woman first look photos plus the trailer too….


Though Promising Young Woman has opened in the US with a limited release due to the pandemic it’s already garnered several Golden Globe 2021 nominations (see the full list HERE) we have a few Promising Young Woman first look photos plus the trailer too….

Inspired by a true story the pitch for the film is a young woman, traumatized by a tragic event in her past, seeks out vengeance against those who crossed her path. Sounding like a female revenge drama its given credibility by the fact that Carey Mulligan is the lead who adds a bit of class to anything she’s in and had most recently appeared the immensely moving Netflix film, ‘The Dig‘.

Credit: Courtesy of Focus Features

With four Golden Globe nominations including Best Film, Actress, Director and Screenplay (the last two both being for Emerald Fennell) all major awards which is a mark of how highly regarded the film is by our fellow critics. British born Fennell is an actress herself having appeared in The Crown as Camilla Parker Bowles and this is her directorial feature film debut. She also a huge fan of Britney Spears hence the track ‘Toxic’ featuring so heavily in the trailer and is appropriate considering the subject matter.

Shortly before its debut at Sundance a special screening was set up to gauge audience reaction. It was an early indicator of how controversial it might be when a fight broke out in the audience when on member complained about a scene whilst another told them to leave if they didn’t like it. The film has been getting good word of mouth for some time and its bearing fruit now with the first of the major awards season acknowledging the film in four important categories. The trailer looks intriguing so we are looking forward to seeing this.

Here’s the Promising Young Woman trailer……



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