Resident Evil – The Final Chapter

.....he was determined to make the first gun free action film......

Poor old director Paul W S Anderson regularly seems to unfairly draw the ire of film fans (we must be one of the few who actually liked, ‘Alien v Predator’) but he has been behind two franchises including the Death Race reboot and most notable of all is Resident Evil which now appears to be drawing to a close – he’s written each of the films and directed all but one and with the latest film being called The Final Chapter it would seem to be the franchises swan song. Although at the recent junket the star Milla Jovovich (aka Mrs Paul W S Anderson) joked about a Final Chapter Part Two.

From what he told the press it seems that this last film will be going back to its horror roots (despite the action packed trailer) and will return to Raccoon City again.

Anyway this looks a pretty decent trailer and we’re looking forward to seeing it although the trailer, like most these days, does seem to show the whole film.

Here’s the trailer:


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