Richard Lumsden talks about his potty mouthed conspiracy theorist in new film, ‘Swede Caroline’

Richard Lumsden talks conspiracy theories in 'Swede Caroline'

Richard Lumsden might not be a household name but you will recognise his face from a whole load of TV series and films that includes Dr Who, Silent Witness and Doc Marten to Darkest Hour, Sightseers and Sense & Sensibility. His latest film is the mockumentary , ‘Swede Caroline’ about  the competitive giant vegetable growing world is rocked by scandal when up-and-coming prospect Caroline has her prized marrow plants stolen. Read our review HERE

We spoke to the utterly charming Richard Lumsden about his potty mouthed conspiracy theorist in Swede Caroline. Under discussion were real life conspiracy theories, spouting profanities, improvising  and laughing on set!

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Here’s what Richard had to say…….


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