Sam Riley talks ‘scriptments’, Nick Cave and Bond in, ‘She is Love’ co starring Haley Bennett……


Since coming to prominence with his excellent performance in ‘Control’ Sam Riley has gone on to appear in an eclectic range of genres including ‘Maleficent’, ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’, ‘Free Fire’, ‘Rebecca’ and now his new film, ‘She is Love’

Sam stars as Idris opposite Haley Bennett as Patricia, a divorced couple who come  face-to-face after being estranged for over a decade and opt to revisit the past and traverse that treacherous path together, emerging open to new beginnings. Read our review HERE

Sam Riley talks to us about the films ‘scriptment’, filming during covid lockdown, the use of Nick cave’s track ‘Into my arms’ and even the rumour of his casting as James Bond. Great fun to talk to ………here’s what he told us:


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