Sharon Stone and the drug dealer…….

.......she knew she'd forgotten to do something but couldn't remember what.......

Since that scene in ‘Basic Instinct’ Sharon Stone’s career has been somewhat erratic because despite getting an Oscar nomination for her role in Scorsese’s ‘Casino’ she has also appeared in dreck such as CatWoman and the ubiquitous and dreadful sequel, Basic Instinct 2.

We’ve always thought she was a decent actress and she still looks utterly fantastic as she reaches 60 next year! Hopefully her next film will give her a career a bit of a jump start where she will play a drug kingpin and mob mistress in the comedy thriller, “Sunny” to be directed by Eva Sorhaug, a Norwegian director with a bunch of TV series to her name.

This will be Sorhaug’s English-language feature film directorial debut with Stone playing a woman who seems to have a everything but turns out she has 24 hours to get out of town before the local mob boss discovers her family’s devastating secret.

William Day Frank penned the script and will produce alongside Sorhaug, Mason Novick and John Finemore.


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