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Everyone leaves a broken relationship with something though for our Editor’s former girlfriends it’s been the clap but we digress (‘You’re fired! – Ed). But after the heart break of break up there’s often good memories and in ‘She is Love’ musician/DJ Idris (Sam Riley) has been divorced from his now ex-wife Patricia (Haley Bennett) for 10 years and he is now in another relationship with Louise (Marisa Abela) living in a boutique style Cornish hotel with house keeper Kate (Rosa Robson). Whether Louise owns the hotel / guest house is never really made clear but a last minute booking finds US publishing agent Patricia staying there not knowing that her ex-husband is there too. Its only when Idris is indulging in DJ hardcore you know the score antics blaring out music that they come face to face.

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It’s one of those encounters that suddenly rekindles the feelings on both sides, especially his and they begin to bond albeit with Idris having no choice but to tell Louise who their only other guest in the hotel is. But Louise is kind of wrapped up in herself somewhat as a self absorbed actress who has just landed a role and spends much of the film rehearsing her lines to Kate, who watches somewhat bemused at her mulling over words –  Rosa Robson’s face as Kate is a picture as she watching silently as Louise analyses single words and lines of dialogue which ironically and unknown to her reflect what is going on should she ever discover Idris and Patricia’s reignited relationship

Haley Bennett stars in ‘Cyrano’ opposite Peter Dinklage

Written and directed by Jamie Adams ‘She is Love’ would appear to come from some personal story and there’s a free form improv style to both the script much of which has been improvised with cast given an end credit for ‘additional material’ as well as the handheld camera catching much of the story in long takes . As might be expected with a cast of this calibre they are very good in the roles as their back story is revealed and there’s an especially good scene where the two sit in silence on a sofa listening to Nick Cave’s Into my arms. Equally a scene with Louise telling Kate about wanting fish and how it should be prepared is very funny. But despite the talent on show the film needs more structure even if it does only run for 82 minutes.

We chatted to Sam Riley about the film…..and James Bond!

Here’s the She is Love trailer …..


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