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Maybe its penchant for getting married (four times to date) that drew J-Lo to Shotgun Wedding, her second marriage themed film after last year’s ‘Marry Me’ and she has a wealth of experience to draw on for her role as Darcy Rivera the about to marry bride to be of failing baseball star Tom (Josh Duhamel occasionally looking like Jackass’ Johnny Knoxville). It’s sure to be quite the wedding having been set in a luxurious hotel on a tropical idyll with both sides of the family present in anticipation of the celebrations. Those families are an made up of an eclectic yet all star cast that has Cheech Marin  as J-Lo’s dad with his new, far younger, partner Harriet (D’Arcy Carden) along with his ex-wife Renata (Sonia Braga) with Tom’s mum Carol , Jennifer Coolidge in hilarious scene stealing form) also present.

Why J-Lo came to Marry Me

All is fine and J-Lo is looking as toned and lithe as might be expected with the film wasting no time in getting her stripped down and posing in her honeymoon suite uttering, ‘Let’s have sex’ that’s destined to become a viral meme. But there’s hints that the day is unlikely to go well starting with the unexpected arrival of Darcy’s old flame Sean (Kenny Kravitz) arriving at the resort in a helicopter, with sort of lack of self-awareness best seen in a Megan Markle fronted documentary about her humanitarian work. Already anxious about the wedding day Sean’s arrival sets off Tom’s insecurity but if that isn’t bad enough it’s the arrival of a group of tooled up pirates arriving in speedboats at the beach side hotel and wearing a range of bizarre masks that makes them look like the paramilitary arm of Slipknot – this is the shotgun wedding none of them were expecting. Taking the wedding party hostage the pirates make them stand waist deep in the swimming pool as part of a million dollar ransom operation.  Its only D’arcy & Tom who manage to swerve being captured and the pair embark on an accident prone rescue.

Why Armie Hammer left Shotgun Wedding

Written by Mark Hammer, Shotgun Wedding has decent gags and scenarios with the cast playing them brilliantly none more so than Jennifer Coolidge as Darcy’s mother in law to be and proving herself to be the go-to comedic actress for these Mom roles. As a rom-com Shotgun Wedding works extremely well with the pace never really flagging and the ensemble cast playing well off each other and J-Lo proving that this type of film suits her far better than her strait laced dramas.

We chatted to Cheech Marin & D’arcy Carden about what went on in that swimming pool….

We chatted to Callie Hernandez who plays J-Lo’s sister about working with the famed diva….

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