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So just how much Spiderman is there in the new ‘Captain America:Civil War’?

..... spiderman pizza deliveries start business....

With the web wonder putting in a brief appearance at the end of the trailer for Civil War it’s been pondered that perhaps that’s as good as it gets with the screen time he ‘s going to get. But with Sony seeming to have given up the ghost a bit with Spiderman and letting Marvel us him it seems that he’s going to be in the film far more than anyone might expect.

With the film already having had a limited screening for critics the good news is that Master Parker without his costume nabs ten minutes of screen time but as a fully costumed Spider-Man he gets around twenty minutes.

Now we’re no geniuses (‘you’re not wrong there’ – Ed)  but we’ve worked out that that’s a full half-hour of Peter Parker Pugilism!!

Here’s the trailer as a reminder:



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