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Landing in  our inbox is the Strike : An Uncivil War trailer which  tells the story of the most violent confrontation between miners and police during the 1984/85 Miners’ Strike in Great Britain – The Battle of Orgreave – the film is released on the 40th anniversary of the events at Orgreave.

Running for over a year the Miners Strike of 1984/85 was arguably the most violent and divisive industrial dispute that Britain has ever witnessed. Orchestrated by union leader Arthur Scargill it became a clash between him and Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher with the intention of over throwing her government after a disastrous election result for Labour under Michael Foot in 1983.

The documentary pays particular focus to the Battle of Orgreave, which took place on 18th June 1984, the bloodiest day of the Strike. The media subsequently appeared to lay blame for the violence at the feet of the strikers. Daniel Gordon’s comprehensive documentary doesn’t just overturn this fabrication, it portrays what took place as planned action on the part of the Thatcher government, with the Prime Minister determined to seek redress for the National Union of Mineworkers victory over the Conservative government in the early 1970s and to forever break the union’s role at the heart of British working-class society.

Featuring powerful personal testimony, previously hidden government documents and never-before seen archive material, the film shows first-hand the stories and recollections of the people on the front lines of this incredible moment in time, which split communities and the nation in two, and whose ripples still resonate to this very day.

Director Daniel Gordon says: “Strike: An Uncivil War is a film I have been wanting to make for over a decade now. My mum grew up in a mining village in South Yorkshire, and I grew up very aware of the strength of that community. I turned 12 during the Strike and to see the destruction brought on by it was something I could only observe on television and through a child’s lens………. After making ‘Hillsborough’, I knew that ‘Strike’ and in particular The Battle of Orgreave was next. There are so many similarities with Hillsborough and Orgreave – the cover up, the shifting of blame by the government and other instruments of the state. What has shocked me though was discovering the level of planning. From the very top. A government hell bent on destroying its own people. …….And it is scandalous to discover how far they were prepared to go, in a ‘democratic’ country such as Britain, with results that continue to have an impact to this day.’

STRIKE: AN UNCIVIL WAR screens at Sheffield DocFest on Sunday 16 and Monday 17 June, and previews in cinemas across the UK on Tuesday 18 June.

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Here’s the Strike An Uncivil War trailer…….


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