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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies – TRAILER

Well let's be perfectly honest we at AnyGoodFilms know as much about Teen Titans Go! as Amanda Holden does about keeping her marriage vows...

Five great movie ideas that almost got made…….

When certain movies hit the screens it’s hard to believe that someone actually financed the film. It was a though that went through the...

Mom and Dad – REVIEW

The best poet Laureate that Britain never had was Philip Larkin whose infamous poem ‘This be the verse’ neatly sums up ‘Mom& Dad’. It’s...

Win a copy of, ‘Vengeance’ starring Nicolas Cage…….EXPIRED

He’s mad, he’s bad, He’s Nicolas Cage. Yes, baton down the hatches because bonkers barmy Nutty Nicolas Cage is back with his latest OTT...

Southern Fury – REVIEW

Just when you think he’s back to normal Nicolas Cage wrong foots you with this his latest bonkers barmy, watch out he’s mad, baton...

Dog Eat Dog – Review

Paul Schrader is perhaps not exactly a household name but his work as a screenwriter with Martin Scorsese is far better known as together...