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Tarantino to reshoot 1970’s movies for his last film?


With the announcement of Quentin Tarantino’s 10th and likely last film titled  “The Movie Critic” there’s been all manner of speculation about the film most notably that its about critic Pauline Kael though this has now been denied by QT saying the film is “not devoted to a real critic”. But what has emerged courtesy of writer director Paul Schrader is that Tarantino to reshoot 1970’s movies for his last film.

So whilst Paul Schrader has been doing the rounds to promote Master Gardener he spoke about this referring to his own 1977 Vietnam vets film ‘Rolling Thunder’ that ends with a shoot out in a brothel. Schrader said, ‘  “[T]his may have changed – but about a month ago he was making a film, had something to do with filmmaking in the ’70s. And part of this, he’s going to use clips from movies from the ’70s, but he’s also gonna remake movies from the ’70s. And he asked me, ‘Can I redo the ending of ‘Rollling Thunder?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, go for it. I’d love to see you redo the ending of “Rolling Thunder.”‘ Who knows whether he actually will or not. But it was something that was tickling his imagination in a very Tarantino-esque way.”

If this is the case it wont be the first time he has done this as Once Upon a Time In Hollywood featured several scenes with DiCaprio as Rick Dalton recreating a scene from The Great Escape to good effect with him replacing what was Steve McQueen. Whether the film will include any real life moments as seen in his revisionist versions of events in Inglorious Bastards and as well as Once Upon a Time In Hollywood remains to be seen.

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