Terry Gilliam talks to us about a Time Bandits sequel….

Time Bandits sequel - Terry Gilliam tells us about it

We got the chance to chat at length with the legendary Terry Gilliam about his phenomenal children’s film, ‘Time Bandits’ with its starry cast that included many of the Pythons as well as Sean Connery, Ralph Richardson, Ian Holm, David Warner and R2-D2 himself Kenny Baker. And in that conversation we spoke about a Time Bandits sequel

Terry Gilliam’s are full of highly distinctive visual flair which is to be expected from someone who gave Monty Python its distinctive look with its surreally brilliant animations as well the the films title sequences of which Life of Brian is superb.

We spoke at length about the film and we will have more clips coming up so make sure you are subscribed to the AnyGoodFilms youtube channel (www.youtube.com/anygoodfilms) so you don’t miss them. One of the many topics that came up was that of a sequel and this is what he revealed…..


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