The biggest bombs of 2023….

biggest bombs of 2023

So whilst the huge success of Barbie earning $1.4b worldwide is well known the failures are less well known and there were several colossal failures. So we took a look at the five biggest bombs of 2023 and how much they lost at the box office and there’s some surprises in the list.

As part of their annual ‘box office tournament’ look back at previous years, Deadline has announced that Marvel Studios’ “The Marvels” was the biggest bomb of 2023.

It might be thought that The Flash might have been the biggest flop but actually  the film that lost the most money in 2023 was actually The Marvels. Costing $270m to make, $110m on marketing $54m in interest and overheads and $21m in distribution expenses – a total of $455m. It earned a paltry £218m meaning the film lost £237m! – although Disney was able to get a $55 million subsidy from the UK for filming there so that could be subtracted – bringing it down to $182 million.

Next on the list is The Flash which cost $200 million to produce, $120 million to market,  $85 million on residuals/distribution expenses/interest/overhead making a total of $405 million. The film made $250 from its release, streaming and rentals meaning it lost $155m!

Third on the list was “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” with a total spend of $516 million of which $300 million came from the production budget which, like several productions,  was hit by the pandemic lockdown. It lost $143m

Fourth on the list was Disney’s  “Wish” which lost them $131 million followed by Disney’s “Haunted Mansion” which lost then $117 million. See our reviews page HERE for full reviews of each film

…and those were the biggest bombs of 2023!

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source: Deadline


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