The Commuter – TRAILER

.....'Yes LIam', she said,' you may well have ''a particular set of skills'' but one of them is not disturbing me while I'm trying to read this book!'........

Director Jaume Collet-Serrahas has the sort of unpronounceable name that trips off the tongue and falls flat on its face but none the less he’s made some pretty decent action films none more so than last summers shark movie, ‘The Shallows‘ which made $119m worldwide off a not made for a film that only cost $17m and was enough to get another summer move ‘47 Metres Down‘ released this summer.

Serrahas other movies have included several that have had Liam Neeson as the lead in action orientated roles and the pair collaborate for a fourth time with ‘The Commuter’.

Neeson plays an insurance salesman on his daily commute home, which quickly becomes anything but routine as he is forced to uncover the identity of a hidden passenger on his train before the last stop – the lives of everyone onboard are at risk

The film co stars Sam Neill and Vera Farmiga & Patrick Wilson who last worked together on ‘The Conjuring 2‘.

Film opens in the UK on 19th January 2018 and in the US on 12 January 2018

Here’s the trailer…….


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