The controversial Donald Trump film…..

Trump tries to block the release of The Apprentice film...

With the disgraced Ex-President in court and possibly facing a jail sentence if he is found guilty there’s further bad news for him with the controversial Donald Trump film, ‘The Apprentice’  that’s just been shown at Cannes. Already there has been controversy as one of the financiers believed the film would be a flattering portrait of Trump only to be allegedly appalled at what he saw once the film had been edited.

‘The Apprentice’ has a number of scenes that show Trump (played by Sebastian Shaw) in a far from flattering light but perhaps most shocking of all is a scene where he violently throws his then-wife Ivana (Maria Bakalova) to the ground and proceeds to have non-consensual sex with her. The controversial scene sees Ivana playfully giving Trump a book about the merits of a female orgasm. But it quickly turns sour as a disinterested Trump tells her that he is no longer attracted to her. They argue, and then Trump throws her to the ground. As he angrily thrusts himself into her, he sneers: “Is that your G spot? Did I find it?”

The controversial Donald Trump film also has scenes where he is popping amphetamine pills, getting liposuction and having surgery to remove his bald spot. Though Roy Cohn , who mentors Trump, moulds him from a nobody into a mogul but the loyalty is not repaid when Cohn is dying of AIDS and  the germaphobe has the fumigated by staff after Cohn leaves in one scene.

With the US election in November 2024 its still not known who, if any, might distribute the film….or if Trump might even be running as a candidate if he is found guilty in his court case.

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