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The news has been full of stories about the rise of AI and the concern in the rise of artificial intelligence none more so than that of Brooklyn Beckham’s schoolteachers barely able to believe that he could pass a single exam. The Creator is one such worry for the US military in a near future  where AI had been embraced into society until rogue AI launched a nuclear strike on LA  killing millions and as a consequence the US government and its Western allies have outlawed the technology.

But its Asia that continues to embrace AI and a vast population of AI robots have integrated into the population and Josh (John David Washington) a special forces operative working undercover there has gone native having fallen in love with Maya (Gemma Chan) pregnant with their child and devastated when the US military swoop in killing all in their wake including Maya. Regarded as something of a traitor by his commanding officer played by Ralph Ineson (initially unrecognisable from his days as the monstrous Finchy in The Office until his speaks with his distinctive drawl). Josh is commanded to join a covert op to seek and destroy the source of the Asian AI, The Creator of the title which centres around an AI child, Alphie (Madeleine Yuna Voyles) but Josh returns to form and rather than destroy he goes rogue again protecting Alphie from the unit that is now hunting them both down by a murderously brilliant Allison Janney who is magnetic whenever she’s on screen.

Co-written and directed by Gareth Edwards (not the legendary 1970s Welsh rugby player) he brings his big budget blockbuster experience from Godzilla and Rogue One to the film with magnificent panoramas and spectacle that wholly deserve the IMAX screen The Creator should be seen on. The action is excellent as is the visuals with a huge airborne floating US airship able to rein down bombs pre-empted by an eerily ominous laser lighting tracking the terrain in search of its target before it unleashes hell.

Made on a budget of $80m The creator looks like it cost three time that and the AI robots too are brilliantly realized with a tube going through the back of the robots heads enabling audiences to see through to the other side uninterrupted in a manner inspired presumably by looking into Brooklyn Beckham’s ear. There’s an especially good moment with a robot built to run into the enemy and explode like some sort of Al Qaeda inspired dustbin. Its theme of the rise of AI is remarkably   prescient in the current climate and it’s ironic that the recently ended WGA strike was partly about this (as is the current SAG strike) and the script split into unnecessary chapter headings (The Friend, The Mother, The Child etc)  raises a number of issues from US imperialism and fear of the rise of Asia (China especially) by the West.

The Creator has obvious nods to Blade Runner and Avatar but there’s enough ideas here for the film to be its own thing and to inspire a future franchise and with Zack Snyder’s ‘Rebel Moon’ arriving at Christmas its clear that the Star Wars franchise may struggle to keep up

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