The director favoured to direct the next Bond film is………

0 was obvious to all but one person which of them was never going to win the beard of the year competition....

Things have started hotting up with the release date of the next Bond film being recently announced. Still no formal announcement about Daniel Craig reprising the iconic role but it seems that it a done deal now and we an probably expect confirmation of this very soon.

So the only other announcement to be made is who will direct the next Bond film and since out Editor couldn’t be trusted to direct traffic we can safely rule him out. The one name that keeps popping up is that of Christopher Nolan who has always been quite open about his admiration for the franchise and his film ‘Inception’ was clearly indebted to the films but with a deal with Warners, who clearly and rightly regard him as being in the same class as Kubrick and who also had a deal with the studio, he’s likely to out of the running specially when that deal got him a $20m pay packet for ‘Dunkirk’ which is paying dividends at the box office.

So the names that are currently being bandied about are Denis Villeneuve, David Mackenzie and Yann Demange.

We’re huge fans of Dennis Villeneuve (middle photo) and his last few films, Sicario and Arrival have been superb and he’s putting the final touches to Blade Runner 2049 for an October release. However it seems that his next film will be a remake of Dune which would be a hug undertaking and the schedule for that is likely to put him out of the running for Bond 25.

David Mackenzie (last photo) is an equally well respected writer /director from Scotland whose last film ‘Hell or High Water’ with Jeff Bridges was Oscar nominated for Best Film this year. His management have made no reply to enquiries from the press and h’s likely to be an outsider for the job.

Which leaves Yann Demange (first photo), a french director who has made a lot of TV series before directing ’71 with Jack O Connell which earned a BAFTA best film nomination. He’s currently working on ‘White Boy Rick’ for release next year which would leave him free for Bond.

Either way we’ll know shortly. We’d like to see a director like Gareth Evans (The Raid) have a go or even Matthew Vaughan or how about getting John Woo?

Who do you think should direct?


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